Leon Paul - Scotland

Schools Championships

Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th

November 2019



Venue: Linlithgow Academy Community Sports Hall

EH49 6EH

Insurance and Welfare

Legal details regarding Competition Insurance and the Welfare Officer

This event is insured under British Fencing event insurance, details of which can be found here.

Event Licence ID: #35158

The Welfare Officer for this competition is

Gareth Hamilton 

If you have any issues during the course of the competition and you feel that you cannot personally bring it to the attention of the organisers please feel free to talk to Gareth.

You can also email Gareth in confidence any time during the event:


You can email the organisers any time before, during or after the event:


Can you help us?

We are always looking for volunteers: referees, directoire helpers, and cafe staff

Competitions like our Schools Championships can't run without help from the fencing community. If you think you can offer some of your time please don't hesitate to get in contact via the link below. 

Likewise, please use this link to get in contact with us if you have any other questions concerning the competition.

2019 Results

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The Leon Paul- Scotland School Championship is designed to give fun, competitive fencing for school age fencers. Using over 20+ years of experience running events, we foster a community based competition with excellent organisation, superb facilities and high level referring to ensure a positive fencing experience.

Please note , we now include a Primary school competition for Foil and have simplified the secondary school age groups to under 15 and over 15.

Format for 2020

Two Poules, followed by Direct Elimination.

The competition will consist of two rounds of poules. The poules will be seeded by British Ranking, Direct elimination will be seeded by the second round of poules only. The competitions will be split according to age category and gender: Under15, and 15&Over on the 1st of January 2021. Age groups and/or genders may be mixed for the first round. Medals will be awarded for the champions of each category alongside a Master-at-Arms title awarded for the best performance in each category over all three weapons.

Foil will be held on Saturday the 21st Nov.

Epee and Sabre on Sunday the 22nd  Nov.

Check-in Times:

These check-in times are subject to change and for all age groups.

Saturday    Boy's and Girls' Foil       10:00

Sunday       Boys' and Girls' Epee       9:00

Sunday       Boys' and Girls' Sabre    12:45

Schools Medals.jpg

Event features

  • First Aid  - Provided by Fyne First Aid

  • Armoury Services - Provided by Fyne Frst Aid

  • Full Leon Paul equipment Stand.

  • Canteen services offering Hot and Cold snacks, Tea, Coffee and home baking provided by parents of Linlithgow Academy fencers.

  • Qualified, professional referees

Equipment Requirements

Minimum standards as required by British Fencing.

For secondary school championships

Jackets must be CEN marked for 350N or 800N.

Breeches are required in all competitions .

Under 15s may use size 5 weapons.

800N Underplastrons are required in all competitions.

Lame bibs are required for foil and an 800N glove for sabre

For primary school championships

Jackets must be CEN marked for 350N or 800N.

Breeches are recommended in all competitions .

Must use size 2 epees or size 3 foils

Minimum 350N Underplastrons are required in all competitions.

Lame bibs are not required for foil. 


Open to all British Fencing members who are current pupils at a Primary or Secondary School.

You should have a full competitive membership of British Fencing to compete in this event

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Leon Paul - Scotland Schools Championships - Current Entries

Linlithgow: Linlithgow Academy

Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Iucha, Scots: Lithgae

Linlithgow is a royal burgh in West LothianScotland. It is West Lothian's county town, reflected in the county's alternative name of Linlithgowshire. An ancient town, it lies south of its two most prominent landmarks: Linlithgow Palace and Linlithgow Loch, and north of the Union Canal.

Linlithgow's patron saint is Saint Michael and its motto is St. Michael is kinde to straingers. A statue of the saint holding the burgh coat of arms stands on the High Street.

What's Nearby?

Accommodation, Attractions, Activities, Events, Food & Drink

More information can be found on the Visit Scotland website.