Wallace Fencing Academy is an open club, open to all fencers of all ages and all levels. Whatever stage you're at, we've got the facilities to help you improve. Eight full-size pistes with refereeing space, interactive and stationary targets, a well-equipped gym, and changing rooms with showers. Our experienced coaching team includes Prof H. Bracewell, Maitre G. de Sainte Croix, and Maitre K. Sharpe. The club can boast Scottish Champions, a British Champion, and Senior Commonwealth Fencers over it's 15 year life.

Wallace Fencing Academy


    Open Nights

    Open nights are held every Tuesday from 6:30 till 9:30pm  for night owls and most Saturdays from 9am till 1pm for early birds. All three weapons are fenced and all levels of fencer are catered for. Eight electric boxes are available plus interactive targets and a well-equipped gym. Discounted block bookings can be made online along with individual lessons with any of our team of coaches. Please note all fencers must  wear a plastron and breeches when fencing with electrics.


    Adult classes

    The new 10 week beginners class starts in September 2017. All equipment is provided, just bring t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, towel, water bottle. The ten week course of instruction costs £85 and leads to the BAF one star fencing award. The next course starts on Tuesday 18th September, but you are welcome to join us any Tuesday evening for an introduction without being thrown in the deep end!

    Linlithgow Academy FC

    The local school club runs throughout term-time at the academy. Sessions run straight after school on a Tuesday from 4 till 5:30pm  and on a Friday from 1 till 3pm. These sessions take beginners and those with some experience of fencing from our junior classes and progress them on to build teams of fencers who compete nationally for their school and local community. The academy club is all about bringing the positive effects of sport to school pupils. Improving social skills, health and well-being, self-esteem, and confidence are our main priorities.


    Youth classes

    The youth classes run by Wallace Fencing provide coaching for children in primary 7, along with pupils in secondary 1 and 2. Starting with the 'steam' foil, a metal sword, and moving on to cover all three weapons used in modern fencing. Open to all pupils from around the Linlithgow area, these classes are designed to build on the skills learned in our plastic foil classes. Of course, beginners are more than welcome and we find they can catch up with a little extra hard work.


    CHildrens' Beginners

    Wallace Fencing's plastic foil classes run on a Tuesday at 5:30pm and Saturday morning at 9am.  Our plastic foil sessions are suitable for children starting in primary 4, 5, and 6. These classes last an hour and all equipment is provided, just bring a water bottle, tracksuit trousers, and a long-sleeved top. Plastic foils offer a lighter, safer alternative to metal blades and are the perfect first step in learning the art of fencing.

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